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Need a user experience professional to help with your next project?

Check out the latest version of my resume and let me know if you want to chat. Read more (in Word) or visit my LinkedIn profile.

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Graduate Study at Bentley University

Learn more about how I got my foundation in UCD from 2000-2004.

My work from the Human Factors and Information Design Master's degree program. Read more

Health & Wellness

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Yoga, Reiki, Nutrition Sessions

Achieve your health and wellness goals

Interested in learning more, or setting up a workshop, group class or private session? Read more

A Journey into Health Blog

A Journey into Health Blog

Health & Wellness blog

Check out my blog on health and wellness-related topics, and share your comments. Read more


Creative Expression

Jen in San Francisco, April 2006


A personal commitment to continuous learning.

Places I've gone, and what I did while I was there.

Coming soon! Mumbai, India (2013)
Barcelona & Nerja, Spain (2013)
Belgium & Amsterdam (2012)
Costa Rica (2011)
Oahu & Kaua'i (2010)
Chile & Argentina (2009)
Switzerland, Austria & Germany (2008)
Antigua (2007)
Greece (2007)
Italy (2006)

Jen Dancing at Boston Tea Party 2007

West Coast Swing Dancing

On my feet since February 2004.

What it is, how I got into it, where you can learn how to dance, etc. Read more

Spreading my feathers like a peacock

Short Stories & Poetry

A long lost passion, which I'm trying to find again!

Some pieces I'm wanting to share. Please let me know your thoughts. Read more

Finding Jen

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I'm super responsive and would love to hear from you

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